Ansutek Technologies Ltd was formed in 1992 to take advantage of what the founders recognized as a gap in the market place for an integrated approach to Industrial Printing Systems and Industrial Weighing, Measurement, and Control Systems.

Ansutek is a New Zealand leader in the Design, Manufacture, Integration and Support of a full range of Industrial Printing, Weighing, Measurement, and Control systems, for the Logistics, Process and Manufacturing industries.

This success has been built upon our philosophy of connecting data and decision maker for greater productivity, competitiveness and profitability. For those with a vision, Ansutek has the innovative products, industry systems expertise, business partnerships, global services and support to make it a vision without boundaries.

Company Values

Ansutek is committed to “working with our customers”

This simple philosophy has helped us grow our business and customer base,

All of our staff are committed to meeting our customers objectives and requirements to ensure that there business runs smoothly, we see this as our purpose and reason for coming to work each day.

Our Values

Ansutek prides itself on ensuring our ongoing relationships are driven by honesty within all areas of our business.

We maintain relationships with integrity that earns respect from everyone that deals with us. This includes ensuring we meet all environmental and community standards that are associated with our daily operation.

We strive to ensure Ansutek is a place that our employees want to remain as we reward and encourage staff to reach their full potential.

Ansutek requires the pursuit of innovation, improvement and professional conduct in everything that our staff does.

Ansutek has a strong commitment to the on going training within our industry.

We believe in our products and our customers, we enjoy our work, we like to lead and innovate, and we like to be involved and working as a team.

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