Stainless Steel Bench Scales for Basic Industrial & Washdown Applications

OHAUS Defender 3000 Washdown i-D33 Bench Scales
The Defender 3000 Washdown Bench Scales are ideal for general weighing, simple counting and checkweighing applications in damp environments, or when washdown cleaning is required.

The Defender 3000 Series features a simple, yet rugged, stainless steel design and IP66 stainless steel indicator with tactile keys, multicolor backlit LCD display, AC or standard rechargeable battery operation and flexible mounting capabilities.

In Checkweighing mode display changes colour (yellow/green/red) to alert when within the target weight range.

Features software for Parts Counting, Checkweighing and Totalization. Includes RS232 with optional USB Device or Ethernet for printing or data connectivity.

Trade Certifiable for use in New Zealand