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A clean printhead prevents costly problems.
Did you know that your thermal transfer printer OEM recommends regularly cleaning of the printhead as a way to protect against premature printhead failure and poor print quality? Unfortunately, less than 20% of printer owners actually follow this advice – even though the printhead is their most expensive consumable and causes the most print-related problems.

Printer manufacturers recommend regular cleaning of the printhead to remove any build up of residue caused by label dust, adhesive and dirt in the atmosphere. This build up of residue will, over time, become baked onto the printhead. This will then interfere with heat transfer, causing the heater elements to overheat to the point of failure.

The Ansutek IPA Pre-saturated Wipes are designed to clean Thermal Printheads where alcohol is recommended for cleaning. By wiping in a back and forth motion these lint fee wipes safely and effectively clean debris from the print head without leaving any mess behind, so your prints remain pristine!

Download our handy Proper Care of Your Label Printer Printhead Guide (PDF)