Leveraging your existing infrastructure to get your weighing data in the cloud, securely.

IIoT Secure Weighing

Using our IIoT gateway hardware we're able to securely connect legacy devices to our cloud platform. Solutions include weighbridges, single scales, tank and silo, packing scales and meat and poultry.

Why Industrial IIoT?
For any business that deals with the production and/or transportation of physical goods, IIoT can create game-changing operational efficiencies and present entirely new business models. The following are examples of ways in which IIoT technology could be applied in diverse industries.

This is the industry in which most IIoT technology is currently being implemented. IIoT-enabled machines can self-monitor and predict potential problems, meaning less downtime and greater overall efficiency.

Supply chain
With sensor-managed inventory, IIoT technology could take care of ordering supplies just before they go out of stock. This decreases the amount of waste produced while keeping necessary goods in stock and frees up employees to focus on other tasks.

IIoT technology has the potential to make quick, intelligent marketing decisions for individual stores. With storefronts that automatically update based on consumer interest and the ability to put together smart promotions, retail outlets that implement IIoT technology could gain a significant advantage over their competitors.

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