ANS-T4702 Trinocular Biological Microscope

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The ANS-4702 series microscopes are high level microscopes which are specially designed for college education, medical and laboratory research. With excellent optical quality, large field of view, excellent objective lens performance, clear and reliable imaging. Ergonomically designed to provide better comfort and experience, focus on the user's operating habits, and constantly optimize the details.

The modular design allows for various viewing modes such as  brightfield, darkfield, phase contrast, fluorescence and simple polarizing. The intelligent design makes the microscope teaching more flexible and the teaching effect is better. Low maintenance costs and environmentally friendly.


Excellent Optical Design. NIS infinite Optical System. NIS infinite plan objectives can provide high contrast and very flat image up to FN22mm, the system always brings you sharp, high resolution and high signal to noise ratio imaging.

22mm Wide Field of View. The microscopes achieve the wide field of 22mm view with 10× eyepieces. The eyepiece adopts a flat field distortion-free design to prevent the edge of the field from being imaginary and stray light.

Multifunctional Universal Condenser. ANS-4702 series microscopes adopt a universal condenser for bright field, dark field and phase contrast. The observation methods could be quickly switched by changing  the  dark  field  and  phase  contrast  slider.  The  phase contrast and bright field slider is universal for 4×-100× objectives, simple and fast to use. The aperture diaphragm of the condenser is easily  set  to  get  exact  value  of  diaphragm  to  correspond  with different objectives.

LED EPI-Fluorescent Illumination. The LED EPI-Fluorescent Illumination is safe and convenient. There is no need to warm up or cool down, and also no need to align the bulb. The life time of LED bulb is up to 5000 hours. There are two filters position available and switch is fast and easy.

The ANS-4702 series microscopes have been fully optimized for various of microscopic applications, especially for beginners and the users with long time operation. The objectives provide high quality images and are easy to use.

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