Sick Lector 621 Imaging Scanner + Standard Kit

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Sick Lector 621 Imaging Scanner + Standard Kit

  • Intelligent decoding algorithms for maximum reading performance and high throughput, even with highly reflective or contaminated codes
  • Variable illumination concept ensures stable reading even in changing light conditions
  • Maximum reliability on shiny or reflective surfaces thanks to flexible optical accessories
  • Compact design and swivel connector for easy integration even if installation space is tight
  • Automated setup wizard with auto focus and aiming laser makes commissioning faster and more cost-effective
  • Short downtimes when devices are replaced thanks to parameter backup on MicroSD card
  • Programming is quick and easy since read results can be transmitted to the control system in the desired format

Standard Kit Contains the Following:

  • Sick Lector 621 Imaging Scanner – Part Number 1085375 (Product Image)
  • 4DproConnectivity CDB / CDB650 – Part Number 1064114
  • Mounting Bracket – Part Number 2042902
  • Power Cable 3M – Part Number 6051194
  • Ethernet 3M – Part Number 2106183
  • Photoelectric sensors PowerProx – Part Number 1082415
  • Sensor Mounting Bracket – Part Number 2078538
  • Sensor Cable 5M – Part Number 2096240

Specifications (PDF)

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