SICK Lector 632 Imaging Scanner

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SICK Lector 632 Imaging Scanner

  • High-resolution sensor and intelligent processing ensure outstanding reading performance, even under difficult reading conditions
  • Flexible optical design and high-power illumination enable small codes to be read at high speeds or in applications with a large reading distance
  • Fast, straightforward commissioning thanks to the intuitive user interface; function button for rapid device setup; integrated illumination and aiming laser
  • Direct results monitoring thanks to acoustic signal and coloured feedback spot on the object
  • Few machine downtimes in the event of faults on the production line, thanks to straightforward cloning function using microSD memory card

Items Included:

  • Optics protective hood
  • C-mount lens
  • Reflectors and optics / Illuminations / LED
  • Distance bracket
  • 1 x Lector632

Specifications (PDF)

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