ANSUTEK BT-1200 Bluetooth Freight Scale

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The ANSUTEK BT-1200 Bluetooth Freight Scale is a durable general-purpose bench scale that delivers excellent day-to-day performance and long-term value at a great price point.

Designed for commercial and industrial applications, a smart choice for a range of weighment tasks in a manufacturing environment: Inventory Control, Shipping/Receiving, Portable Weigh Stations, Manual Batching, Manifest System, and Quality Control.

  • Quality design and rugged construction - Premium load cell and a welded square tube base frame result in excellent weighing performance throughout the entire capacity range.
  • Bluetooth
  • A fully-integrated weighing system with components that act as a defence against the damaging effects of shock, abuse, and other environmental factors — reducing production downtime.
  • Portability - The BT-1200 is battery powered — ideal for any location or for projects that require a mobile bench scale.
  • Internal battery - Provides up to 100 hours of continuous use when fully charged. Battery indicator provides low-battery alert and the battery can be used while being charged.
  • Bright, Backlit LED Display - Provides excellent readability in a wide variety of lighting conditions and angles up to 25 feet away. Adjust the display for optimal viewing angle.
  • Overload protection - Five overload stops provide 300% overload protection.
  • Simple and intuitive operation - Indicator controls are: Total, Count, Units, Gross/Net, Tare, Zero (On/Off) and Print.
  • Level scale on uneven surface - Each of the four feet on the scale base can be adjusted to prevent slippage on wet or uneven surfaces.
  • Protected cable - The load cell cable is located inside the column, to maintain connections and keep it protected against damage.
  • Sturdy, Round 14" or 25" Column - Easy to grip to move the scale.


Specifications (PDF)

Please Note: Specifications and options may vary and are subject to change without prior notice