Ansutek PAD2 Portable Wireless Axle Weighing Scales

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The Ansutek PAD2 portable axle weighing scales can be transported anywhere and are very easy to setup. The portable weighing scales are made from high tension aluminium which is very light. They are waterproof and can also handle other weather conditions. Its seal protection and durability makes the Ansutek PAD2 portable axle weighing scales suitable for standard concrete roads, flat construction sites, highway checkpoints, and many more.

The Ansutek PAD2 portable axle weighing scale uses 6 load cells. The portable weighing scales have wide weighing pads and can carry an axle with 4 wheels. The loads cells which they use have overload protection with a safe overload of 120%. Other safety feature it has is a built-in cable protector to avoid error in the weight readings whenever the cable is broken. It also has a built-in anti-electromagnetic interference to ensure nothing affects the result being read by the scale indicator. It can be connected to the scale indicator wirelessly.

  • Each pad dimension 400x500x40mm
  • Each ramp dimension 500x250mm
  • Each pad capacity 10T
  • Accuracy Standard ±0.3%
  • Insulation resistance ≥5000 MΩ (100VDC)
  • Load Cell 6 cell
  • Overload Indication 120%
  • Zero Range 4~10%
  • Speed ≤8km/h
  • Working Temperature -40~+80℃
  • Excitation, recommended voltage 5V (DC)
  • Output sensitivity 1±0.2 MV/V
  • Temperature range, compensated -10~+50℃
  • Dimensions(mm) 900x500x40mm
  • Zero Temperature Influence 0.1%/10℃
  • Sensitive Influence by Temperature 0.1%/10℃
  • Output Impedance 110±10Ω
  • Nonlinearity ≤0.10%
  • Input Impedance 120±10Ω
  • Built in printer
  • Waterproof pads

Product Sheet (PDF)

Quick User Guide (PDF)

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